Photos At Your Place fills that special niche where you need to capture the moment. Whether a wedding, special event, or birthday celebration, we’re ready to capture the moment. We provide you with the best in traditional portraits, whether for your business directory or your internet presence, or even your home and its neighborhood (we can safely document your possessions for insurance purposes).

Photos At Your Place has captured the moment for celebrities—Ben Vereen, Neal Patrick Harris, Katherine McPhee, Bishop Desmond Tutu—and your three month-old’s first photo session. 

We’ve captured the moment of everything from yearbook portraits to product illustrations—from toothpaste to gas pumps to real estate listings.  

And, we’ve gained a reputation for being able to capture the moment in dance and theatrical eventsas they happen.  Here are some things to remember—

  • You decide how much time we are hired; you control the costs.  No unnecessary "package" costspaying for products and services you didn't want in the first place. 

  • We do not try to "make money" on quality prints.  You will find our print costs beat other professional studio prices—often, we can even beat your local drug store print costs. 

  • There are no "trip charges." Costs for travel beyond normal driving distances and outside of Florida are easily and inexpensively arranged. 

  • Weddings and engagement sessions are our specialty.  If you need the unique touch of our approach to photography—"making memories"—don't hesitate to call (813.962.5758) or email us with your request.  Click here to get special information regarding pricing for weddings.  Remember, there are a lot of excellent photographers already available for ordinary wedding photography.  It is absolutely critical we meet face to face—the quality of your memories deserves special attention.  Call us; email us.

  • With the exception of lingerie or nude sessions, we do indeed bring our studio just about anywhere (we've been to Los Angeles, New York, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic).

Finally, Photos at Your Place seeks to exist for the glory of God.  We love pro bono opportunities.  If your event or situation also has that purpose, we often provide our services at cost, reduced cost, or even free.  Call us for opportunities & details.


$140—$270, 1st hour
or fraction thereof
(videography is available for wedding,
commercial and real estate clients)

Up to 1 hour of shooting 1 free 8"x10" print and page proofs of all usable shots for immediate review online. Unlimited costume changes permitted within the hour. Remember you decide on which and how many prints you select. There are no "package" deals—you decide what you need, be they prints, albums, coffee mugs, etc.

Additional Time
at Site
$25-$35 per 1/4 hour

Note: There is no charge for setup or take down time.

Print Cost

$35.00 per 20"x30"
$25.00 per 16"x20"
$18.00 per 13"x19"
$12.00 per 11"x17"
$10.00 per 9"x12"
$8.00 per 8"x8"

  $7.00 per 8"x10"
  $7.00 per 8.5"x11"
$3.50 per 5"x7"
 $1.50 per 4"x6"
 $1.25 per 3.5"x5"
 $7.00 wallet size (6)

Photographic glossy or lustre (satin) finish
(Retouching and image enhancement is included)  Click here for an example.  

Note: other sizes and aspect ratios are available—even billboard size!  Please let us know your needs.

Special Prints

   $40.00 per 8"x10" print on canvas or silk
   $10.00 per 8"x10" print on adhesive stock

Other media (wood, steel, magnesium, etc.) are available; please call.
(Retouching and image enhancement is included)
Click here for an example.
Special Retouching

 $50.00 per hour

Special enhancement at Client's request. 

$6 to $350 per print

We offer everything from bare bones (clear presentation boxes) to gallery quality framing services.

$20.00 per image

Use as an image for your computer's desktop, or to post on your website or for use in brochures. (Most all formats available at Client's request.)

$40 to $100 per hour

1 print of restored photo at its original size is included.
Click here for an example.

Is there another service we haven't listed that you need?  Or, more questions?  Don't hesitate to email us at or call us at 813.962.5758
If you have technical questions regarding digitalization, restoration, or equipment, simply email